Basement Vagrants - Episode 73: Trailer Park Boys & Basement Vagrants

April 19, 2016

Ho-lee FACK boys, it's another Basement Vagrants and we're talking some TV this time. Well, not technically TV since they're both Netflix shows... but you CAN watch them on TV... I don't know, but we're discussing Trailer Park Boys season 10 and Daredevil season 2. Two very different shows but both very entertaining. Recker and Schweitzer also talk about what they've been reading in comics lately including one series that has hit the skids as of late. Plus we've got news including more Avatars and cell phone chicanery in theaters. All capped off with trivia and a new segment where we try to fix movies that are fundamentally broken. Grab a bottle of swish and some zesty mordant chips and settle into the shed for some great discussion. 


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