Basement Vagrants - Episode 78: Suicide Squad & Assault on Arkham

September 3, 2016

Like a bad case of the herp, we have returned to ruin your sexual encounters. We discuss what has been keeping us away from the mic for so long and what we've been watching in the mean time. Schweitzer reviews Suicide Squad and then we all join in to talk Batman: Assault on Arkham and why one third of us hates it. We finally get around to talking about the Star Trek TOS episode Charlie X and Bubs recounts his latest trip across the border to see a heavy metal legend. We cap it off with some nice trivia and put a bow on another great episode. 

We apologize for the inconsistent audio since our usual equipment is in the shop and we had to make due with Bubs' welfare laptop. So turn up the volume and enjoy!

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