Basement Vagrants - Episode 79: Sully

October 12, 2016

The summer draws to a close and there still isn't much to see in the theater. Wait, what's this? A Tom Hanks movie? Alright, well how bad can it be? Find out as we review Sully, the movie about a plane disaster in New York that premiered the same week as September 11th. Great marketing. 

We also take another look at Suicide Squad now that Recker and Bubs have seen it and see if it's worth a watch. Bubs talks about the Detroit LOSERS, uh I mean Tigers and how the 2016 baseball season has fared so far. 

We also run down our lists of Best Movies of the Year (So Far) and partake in a little trivia. Strap in and make sure your tray tables are in their full and upright position as this podcast is about to CRASH (due to a few audio issues that we apologize for we're still working on a better setup please don't stop listening we need you XOXOXO)

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