Basement Vagrants - Episode 79: Sully

October 12, 2016

The summer draws to a close and there still isn't much to see in the theater. Wait, what's this? A Tom Hanks movie? Alright, well how bad can it be? Find out as we review Sully, the movie about a plane disaster in New York that premiered the same week as September 11th. Great marketing. 

We also take another look at Suicide Squad now that Recker and Bubs have seen it and see if it's worth a watch. Bubs talks about the Detroit LOSERS, uh I mean Tigers and how the 2016 baseball season has fared so far. 

We also run down our lists of Best Movies of the Year (So Far) and partake in a little trivia. Strap in and make sure your tray tables are in their full and upright position as this podcast is about to CRASH (due to a few audio issues that we apologize for we're still working on a better setup please don't stop listening we need you XOXOXO)

Basement Vagrants - Episode 78: Suicide Squad & Assault on Arkham

September 3, 2016

Like a bad case of the herp, we have returned to ruin your sexual encounters. We discuss what has been keeping us away from the mic for so long and what we've been watching in the mean time. Schweitzer reviews Suicide Squad and then we all join in to talk Batman: Assault on Arkham and why one third of us hates it. We finally get around to talking about the Star Trek TOS episode Charlie X and Bubs recounts his latest trip across the border to see a heavy metal legend. We cap it off with some nice trivia and put a bow on another great episode. 

We apologize for the inconsistent audio since our usual equipment is in the shop and we had to make due with Bubs' welfare laptop. So turn up the volume and enjoy!

Basement Vagrants : Mini Episode - Wonder Woman and DC Comics

July 30, 2016

We've left Bubs behind this time so Schweitzer and Recker can talk some comics. We discuss some new including a not-so-welcome romance in Batman: The Killing Joke as well as a remake of The Rocketeer. We discuss the Wonder Woman and Justice League trailers from Comic-Con as well as the current runs of Wonder Woman, Batman, Aquaman and more. 


Basement Vagrants - Episode 77: Warcraft

June 22, 2016

If there's one type of movies that EVERYBODY loves, it's video game movies. Does Warcraft fall into the same pit that Uwe Boll has been stuck in since 2002? Find out when we review the latest blockbuster this summer. We also have some news to talk about including yet another remake of an action franchise, starring a veteran action actor and how the boxoffice fared this weekend. Then we spin the wheel of Trek to find an episode to watch next week before talking about DC's first couple weeks after being reborn. Then to close out the show we take a few trivia quizzes online from Turn up your air conditioner and turn up The Basement Vagrants Podcast. 


Basement Vagrants - Episode 76: The Nice Guys

June 3, 2016

We're back to review another movie that's failing in theaters! No, not Xmen Apocalypse, we're talking about The Nice Guys starring Gladiator and Drive. Dubya joins us yet again to discuss early summer's big comedy and leave right in the middle of the show. Thanks pal! We also talk Rock on the Range and all the amazing (and not so amazing) bands that showed up. Plus Recker reviews some of his favorite movies on Bluray and we play a brand new trivia game. If you miss this episode, it sure wouldn't be... NICE... fuck my life...


Basement Vagrants - Mini Episode: DC Rebirth and Captain America #1

May 29, 2016

We just couldn't wait until the next episode to bring you come comic book discussion. Schweitzer and Recker present this mini-episode where we talk about two of the more controversial comics of the day: DC Universe Rebirth and Steve Rogers Captain America #1. We discuss the issues, their futures and why people are so upset. Let us know what you think on our Facebook page or on Twitter (@vagrantspodcast). Thanks for listening!


Basement Vagrants - Episode 75: Captain America Civil War

May 18, 2016

Will a civil war be started on the Basement Vagrants Podcast? Find out which one of us didn't like the new Captain America movie was much as the rest. We review Marvel's latest plan for complete financial control of the world as well as our Mexican Movie Standoff films from last week (well, most of them). Recker and Schweitzer also talk about the final issue of the Batman/TMNT comic crossover and where DC goes from here. We also listen to some kickass music and play a whole new trivia game. We're 3/4 away from the big 100 where we're probably not going to do anything special because it's just an arbitrary number, but hurrah nonetheless. We hope you enjoy it!


Basement Vagrants - Episode 74: The Man With the Golden Gun

May 4, 2016

We're about halfway through the James Bond movies and thing are getting silly. We talk about 1974's The Man with the Golden Gun, the only Bond movie with an odd number of nipples. Schweitzer regales us with stories from the Calgary Expo and tells us which celebrities he met and which ones now have restraining orders against him. We also discuss why the Batman: The Killing Joke trailer is just a tad disappointing, why Captain America: The Winter Soldier is better than we ever thought it would be and what other Marvel movie was a surprise hit for us recently. Be sure to stick around for trivia as we praise our God once more by playing the Leonard Maltin Movie Game. Oh, and Mexican Movie Standoff as well. It's a jam packed episode that you wont want to miss. 


Basement Vagrants - Episode 73: Trailer Park Boys & Basement Vagrants

April 19, 2016

Ho-lee FACK boys, it's another Basement Vagrants and we're talking some TV this time. Well, not technically TV since they're both Netflix shows... but you CAN watch them on TV... I don't know, but we're discussing Trailer Park Boys season 10 and Daredevil season 2. Two very different shows but both very entertaining. Recker and Schweitzer also talk about what they've been reading in comics lately including one series that has hit the skids as of late. Plus we've got news including more Avatars and cell phone chicanery in theaters. All capped off with trivia and a new segment where we try to fix movies that are fundamentally broken. Grab a bottle of swish and some zesty mordant chips and settle into the shed for some great discussion. 


The Basement Vagrants - Episode 72: Batman v Superman

March 30, 2016

Everyone has already complained about this Batman v Superman picture so we're throwing our complaining hats in the ring. Everyone hates it, but do we? You probably know the answer to that. Then after our voices heal Recker talks Tarentino and Godzilla (the two aren't related) and then top it all off with some great trivia. It's a shorter episode so you have no excuse not to listen.